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The Roles of Russia and Iran in the Syria Crisis

I have argued that US policy in Syria needs tighter lash-up with Syria’s immediate neighbors and our traditional allies, and more effective public diplomacy about what we are doing and why, especially within the Middle East region.  An end to … Continue reading

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The False Appeal of US Military Intervention in Syria

There is much clamor in the media for a stepped-up US military role in Syria to even the military playing field for the opposition, prevent more bloodshed as we said we should in Libya, and “prove” our support for the … Continue reading

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America’s Role in Syria

The Syria crisis is a complex and “wicked” problem for US policy. Our first objectives should be to provide significant humanitarian assistance and do what we can to accelerate an end to the fighting, as Secretary Clinton recently said in … Continue reading

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State/USAID’s New Expeditionary Roles

In a recent Atlantic article on State-Defense relations, veteran journalist and Atlantic’s Washington editor Steve Clemons, ran to the defense of State. He rightly highlighted Secretary Clinton’s efforts to enhance State’s expeditionary and operational capabilities in support of its primacy … Continue reading

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